Thursday, December 16, 2010

Choosing Iron Grilles for your Windows and Doors

After doing a thorough house inspection to your new pad and once the developers have completed rectifying all the defects, it is best to start thinking of increasing the security of your house. In Malaysia, almost all homes are fitted with iron grilles on windows and door. This is the first line of defence against intruders which do not require power supply or regular maintenance. For a first time home owner, choosing the type of grilles to instal for your house may seem simple but there are actually several options to choose from.

If you have searched around, you would notice that there are three main types of steel grilles available in the market which are mild steel, wrought iron and stainless steel. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages. So, lets take a look at each of them.

Mild Steel Grilles
  • simple designs -  straight bars, or square grids with minimal flower designs
  • comes in two variants.
    • spray painted - as the name says it, paint is sprayed onto the steel grilles. This means that the paint can peel off. Since the grilles will be subjected to all kinds of weather, spray painted grilles will have to be painted every 2 or 3 years.
    • powder coated -  electrically charged finely ground particles of pigment and resin are and spray painted onto the grilles surfaces which are then cured in a oven to ensure the particles permanently adhere to the grille surface. This creates a smooth finish which is more long-lasting and climate-resistant compared to normal spray painting.
  • cheapest in terms of cost, based on prices in the month of May 2010:
    • window grilles costs
      • RM 5 to RM 8 per square feet (spray painted)
      • RM 10 to RM 12 per square feet (powder coated)
    • door grilles costs
      • RM 9 to RM 10 per square feet (spray painted)
      • RM 15 to RM 17 per square feet (powder coated)

Wrought Iron Grilles
Wrought iron grilles in the current market today are actually mild steel grilles which have gone through extra hammering in the making process. This gives it the slightly uneven texture similar to the original wrought iron of the early 19th century. In the last few years, wrought iron grilles for windows and doors have gained lots of popularity compared to mild steel due to the large number of designs available which are more attractive compared to those of mild steel. So, to sum up its good and bad points:
  • more attractive designs
  • doesn't tarnish easily
  • price depends on complexity of design
  • they can be less tough compared to mild steel for ceratin designs due to the steel being shaped to be of reduced thickness and thus easy to saw through
  • more expensive than mild steel, based on prices in the month of May 2010:
    • door grilles cost RM 18 to RM 20 per square feet
    • window grilles cost RM 11 to RM 15 per square feet

You can see that the wrought iron grille designs in the picture on the left, above, are sturdier and tougher than that on the right which have more flower motifs than straight bars. So, make sure you choose your grille design with safety criteria in mind above the attractiveness.

Stainless Steel Grilles
These are like the Rolls Royce of grilles. Stainless steel grilles are most expensive because they are very strong and do not tarnish. However, the designs are limited and they usually come in only one colour, i.e. the silver colour of stainless steel.

Based on my observation, many people choose either powder-coated mild steel or wrought iron. Stainless steel is chosen if money is not an issue. After doing some internet searches, below are some companies which offer window and door grilles:
Disclaimer: MyHomeMyIdeas has never sought services from the companies listed above and do not have any affiliations with them. Please contect these companies directly for information on their services.


  1. Which one is better- powder coated or spray painted grill?

  2. After doing a thorough house inspection to your new pad and once the developers have completed rectifying all the defects, it is best to start thinking of increasing the security of your house.

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